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Maria Menounos | Η απώλεια και το συγκινητικό μήνυμα

Το “αντίο” μέσω Instagram στον σκύλο της

Μαρία Μενούνος

Δύσκολες ώρες για την Maria Menounos.

Όπως αποκάλυψε μέσω Instagram η γνωστή παρουσιάστρια, ο αγαπημένος της σκύλος “έφυγε” από την ζωή μετά από μεγάλη μάχη που έδωσε.

«RIP μωρό μου. Περάσαμε σχεδόν 18 χρόνια μαζί. Ήταν ο πρώτος μου σκύλος, ενώ το όνειρό μου έγινε πραγματικότητα, καθώς ήθελα να την έχω σε όλη μου την ζωή. Γύρισα από την δουλειά μου, μετά το Super Bowl, ώστε να μάθω πως ο σύζυγός μου την άφησε να φύγει. Πολέμησε μέχρι την τελευταία στιγμή. Αυτό το σκυλί μου έδωσε τόση έμπνευση με το πνεύμα και την μαχητικότητά του. Πριν γίνει 16, έπασχε από παγκρεατίτιδα και τα νεφρά της δεν δούλευαν…», έγραψε χαρακτηριστικά.

RIP Baby. We spent almost 18 years together. She was my first dog & a dream come true as I dreamed of having her my whole life. I would borrow friends dogs & Take them on walks growing up. I came home from working at the Super Bowl to find that @undergaro had to give her safe passage w/out me. She fought until the last moment. This dog inspired me so much with her spirit & her fight. Before her 16th she had severe pancreatitis & her Kidneys were failing. Keven spent everyday at the Vet w/ her on his chest while he worked from his computer. After every vet, even our beloved dr @brianspar said it was Time, baby had a miraculous turnaround. To celebrate we threw her a sweet 16 bday bash! I knew everyday after that was a gift. She’s been w/us from our days in a one bedroom apt when buying razors was tough & going to Taco Bell on a fri night was a treat bc we could afford a pan pizza from Pizza Hut.she got us through the best & worst of times. There are no words to explain the ❤️. There’s a hole in my heart however I really want to shift the tears to celebrating her amazing life & the blessing of almost 18 years with my little angel. I know it’s hard for some to understand bc maybe they haven’t experienced the unconditional love from a dog, but it’s deep & special. Baby I will never forget you my little angel, thank you for the laughs, the kisses(yours were always my favorite) and for fighting to stick around long enough for me to heal from surgery & Marry Your daddy. 😘❤️

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